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Apple Is Building High Speed Data Network to Compete against Google, Amazon • Mirror Daily

Apple’s new high speed data network will increase content delivery of cloud services.

Based on the recent reports, Apple is building high speed data network to compete against Google, Amazon and other similar companies in the field of cloud services. The new service offers users the possibility to stream music files and videos at a higher speed.

Apple is determined to steal as many market shares as possible from its competitors. The iPhone producer is now focusing on cloud services as the domain is now of great interest to most users.

During its most recent WWD conference, the smartphone developer has informed analysts in relation to its most recent objective. The company plans on creating its own high speed data network which will facilitate users’ access to cloud-based platforms.

Until recently, Apple used to depend on Amazon, Google and Microsoft in point of data storage, but the smartphone giant is now determined to become independent and self-sufficient. For that matter, Apple will set the grounds for a high speed network with centers in Nevada, California, Oregon and North Carolina.

Other centers may be opened in the future, as well, but for the moment Apple plans to prepare these locations for densely populate markets. According to the official declaration of the company the data will be transmitted through fiber lines using hundreds of gigabits per second.

Many more changes have been effectuated by the company with the same purpose of widening its spectra of online services. Apple has further stated that they will become more environmentally conscious in the future, as this move can help gain users’ appreciation. For that matter, the Sapphire plant in Arizona will function only with renewable energy.

There are many other services that the company plans to introduce to the public. The much-awaited music streaming service of the company was presented on Monday during the developers’ company in San Francisco. As expected, the public has been incredibly interested in the features that the music tool has to offer.

Unfortunately, Apple users, who were hoping to get a glimpse of its TV streaming service will have to wait for a while. The tech giant disclosed that the Apple TV set is not ready this year as the company has encountered several license problems. Most likely, the TV set will see the light of day next year, when all the glitches will have been solved.

Analysts at Bloomberg think Apple will have to focus on content delivery if they really want to improve their services. The company has been concentrating only on user experience until recently, but this aspect is not enough for Apple to obtain additional market segments, analysts have concluded.
Image Source: Mac Rumors

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