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Apple Pay Is the Most Used Apple Watch App – Mirror Daily

Many more users chose Apple’s payment method because it is easier, faster and safer.

Based on a recent survey conducted by Wristly, Apple Pay is the most used Apple Watch app due to its reliability when it comes to making fast and easy payments. Figures have revealed that 80% US and UK users of the smartwatch constantly use the Apple Pay app to purchase goods in their favorite stores.

Nobody expected this, but Wristly, a company that is specialized in surveys, has recently declared Apple Pay the most downloaded app on the company’s online store.

They have reached this conclusion after 51% of the respondents have described their experience with the app using Steve Jobs’ term “magical”.

The use of the Apple Pay app can be described as “convenient”, according to the answers that 42 per cent respondents have provided.

Although the online program has received positive feedback about its reliability, users have not been very pleased with the accessibility of the app. When asked about its availability in certain countries, most users responded that the current methods are ‘convenient’ but they could definitely undergo improvements.

In spite of these small inconveniences, market analysts estimate that 95% of the smart technology users will soon adopt this type of payment. Currently, 80 percent of Apple customers have used the payment method at least once.

Interestingly, 86% respondents have confessed that they look for branding materials that have been labeled with the apple Pay mark when shopping. 62 percent have declared that they prefer to shop in Apple Pay stores.

Even though 81 percent participants have stated that they would definitely opt for Apple’s payment method to the detriment of traditional methods, the survey has revealed that most Apple Pay users are normal consumers. Statistics indicate that the payment method is preferred by people who did not use smartphone and smartwatches from the very first moment they were launched on the market.

Apple Pay is an Apple Watch app which allows users to make payments by simply tilting their wrists. Users find it extremely useful because they no longer have to waste time to search through their wallets. In addition, the method is safer than traditional payment methods as developers have used reliable security features.

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