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Apple Purchases a Navigation Company to Improve Its Mapping Service

The Cupertino based tech giant Apple Inc. has a strong rival in the other tech company whose relevance reached world wide level, Google Inc. While the tech company run by Tim Cook as chief executive officer has an advantage in the field of smartphone and tablets, the company that over the years has become far more than a search engine, the Mountain View based Google Inc. offers a better mapping system. So Apple Inc. struggles to level the balance when it comes to mapping and takes another important step toward reaching the quality of Google Maps. The most recent info in connection to this matter says that Apple purchases a navigation company to better the mapping service that they offer to their customers.

The Silicon Valley tech giant Apple Inc. has acquired an important name on the list of navigation companies throughout the world. The latest acquisition made by Apple Inc. is the Coherent Navigation company. Apple Inc. sees this action as a necessary one if they want to offer a proper mapping service that would attract more customers.

Coherent Navigation is a Bay Area firm and the main object of their activity is the high quality mapping, through excellent performance GPS monitoring and fine technologies regarding navigation.

The newest acquisition by Apple Inc. has been firstly announced by MacRumors earlier today. A spokesperson talkin on behalf of Apple Inc. has later confirmed that the rumors are true and that indeed Coherent Navigation is now part of the Cupertino based tech giant.

It has already become a tradition for Apple Inc. to buy smaller tech companies in order to integrate their technologies into their gigantic system. It is a great strategy used by numerous big names in the world of tech, still the officials representing Apple Inc.`s interests have declined to comment further on the plans that the company has with the newest member of the club.

According to the statements in MacRumors, several people previously working for Coherent Navigation have been recently hired by Apple Inc. It has not yet been made clear if Apple Inc. has targeted the talent of the Coherent Navigation employees or they rather want the company`s technologies, but it is clear by now that Coherent Navigation joins a rich group of smaller companies which have been purchased by Apple Inc. in order to better their mapping service.

Locationary, Emabark, Hop Stop and Broadmap have also been bought by the Cupertino based giant.

Image Source: Mashable

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