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Apple Talks Hermes Smartwatch at San Francisco Event • Mirror Daily

Apple’s Hermes watch is both classy and modern.

For the first time, Apple talks Hermes smartwatch at San Francisco event several months before the actual launching of the company’s products. Among many other announcements, Tim Cook has revealed some of the new features of the Hermes line of smartwatches.

Apple has stated on numerous occasions that they will be making “huge” announcements this autumn. Tech savvies were eager to get the first look on Apple’s new model of iPad and iPhones. There has been much talk on the new collection of smart watches, as well, considering that this is the new field where most companies compete at present.

Cook has stated that their Hermes line of watches will feature a new operating system called watchOS 2. The system presents many app options including the GoPro program. The latter works with Apple GoPro camera and converts the watch into a viewfinder, the CEO has explained.

Recently, there has been a growing tendency for companies to turn their devices into specific tech products. For this reason, Apple has introduced AirStrip on their Hermes watches to make the device more appropriate for medical experts. The app was designed to help doctors keep a close track of their daily programs and their patients’ personal information.

Tim Cook has specified that AirStrip lets the doctor know the vital signs of the patient, his or her pulse, respiration and blood pressure. Physical experts skim through their appointments and through the medical records of their patients by simply rotating the winder.

Various other office related activities have been incorporated on the app. Users can email, call or text other members using just the smartwatch, without accessing their smartphones.

The design of the new Hermes collection has not been neglected, either. The famous design company has created special bands for Apple, whereas the tech developer has placed its logo on three of Hermes’ watch faces.

Hermes smartwatches were not the only ones to be presented during yesterday’s San Francisco event. Tim Cook has further revealed that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will have stronger Force Touch screens, but their size will be similar to the ones of the previous models. The most intriguing feature remains the 3D Touch technology which proves Apple is still ahead of many other tech competitors.

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