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Apple Targets 'Casual Gamers' with Release of TV Third Gen – Mirror Daily

Apple TV box comes back around with a third generation – and what a generation is it rumored to be! If we’re to believe the fansite predictions, Wednesday is scheduled to reveal a whole new direction that gamers will certainly celebrate.

A new processing power, touch-sensitive controllers and its own App Store, the new Apple TV might steal some dedicated gamers from their PlayStations and Xboxes. Marking Tim Cook’s most recent attempt to bring Apple into the living room, the device will take a substantial price hike, and that’s no wonder.

Previously retailed at a mere £60, the tech company’s TV was surprisingly modest, considering that it sported the Apple logo. But get ready, cause the updated will surely bring the device closer to the price ranges the company has got us used to.

With smart TVs increasing in prevalence at a speeding rate, users’ demand for ‘just’ a video streaming system is slowly dying out, so Apple’s revamp is more than welcome. Gaming has become such a popular alternative use for people’s TVs that we’re surprised Apple didn’t start considering it sooner.

The question now is whether Apple stands a chance at stealing a piece of the lucrative business Sony and Microsoft have kept for themselves for years; is the geeky industry of heavy-duty video gaming ready for another major player?

It’s a two-fold answer. Yes, Apple definitely should be recognized in making such an intentional move into this field. It’s a well-known fact that any participants in a market that Apple decides to test are going to face one of the strongest, richest and most successful rivals.

And while both Sony and MS have relied heavily on gaming as a reliable market that keeps brining consistent revenue, they probably don’t have too much to fear from the Apple TV’s third gen. It will take more than a powerful processor and new controllers to woo many gamers away from their high-end consoles.

But it’s not the hardcore gamers that the new Apple TV is aimed at. CEO Tim Cook might have in mind the ‘casual gamer’ when he announced the new direction they were heading into.

Imagine that the target audience here is the milder-mannered users who probably had the nice iPad experience of Farmville or Candy Crush and want to take it to the next – but equally restful – level, on a bigger screen HD, but still at a reasonable price.

So there’s little worry for the big boys, the Apple tanks are invading their lawns just yet. But there are ‘other’ video game players in the game, such as Nintendo’s Wii console, also aimed at casual gamers, who might feel the threat of Apple breathing down their neck pretty soon.
Image Source: Storage Review

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