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Apple Watch Nike+ to Be Released on October 28th • Mirror Daily

The Apple Watch Nike+ has several neutral colors and lime-green details

(Mirror Daily, United States) Officials from Apple have recently announced that they will be holding a release event later on this month. While the date of the event has not been set yet, one of the latest Apple products will be released soon. The Apple Watch Nike+ is due to October 28, and it is one of the most awaited gadgets. Its software is one of the main reasons why. Here are some important features of the upcoming Apple Watch Nike+.

The new Apple Watch Nike+ is addressing sports people. They can use the device as a fitness tracker to monitor their pace when engaged in physical activities, such as running. The GPS system helps them with orientation, and the wrist wearable is enough for it. So runners have no need of their mobile phones, which can turn out to be quite comfortable.

Moreover, swimmers will also be enthusiastic about the Apple smartwatch, as the device is waterproof. So they can take it underwater as deep as fifty meters, with no need to worry about its resistance of efficiency.

The Nike+ edition is a sports version of the Series 2 Apple Watch. Its features are specially designed to meet all the necessary requirements for runners.

One of the most important features of the new product from Apple is the Nike application it will be running. The app allows users to keep accurate track of their workout progress. They can also use the option to compete with other runners using the same device.

Developers are interested in the customers’ feedback for the Nike app. The option could be extended to other Apple Watch editions, or it could be exclusive for the Nike+ device. However, the decision is up to developers.

As far as design is concerned, the new Apple Watch Nike+ comes with the advantage of several straps. Users can change them, and they can also pick breathable ones, which can prevent excessive sweat. On the gray and black colored straps, there are also lime-green details.

There are two models for the new Apple Watch Nike+, depending on their sizes. The device is available in a small version of thirty-eight millimeters, as well as a large version of forty-two millimeters.

The gadget was first announced in September. Only one month later, users have the opportunity of testing the real product. Are you looking forward to the release of the new Apple Watch Nike+?

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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