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Apple Watch Sport for $199 • Mirror Daily

Apple Watch Sport

(Mirror Daily, United States) Now you have an opportunity you can’t decline: Apple Watch at only $199 on Best Buy. The device in question is an Apple Watch Sport, and as you probably know, it is more than just a simple device that tells you the time.

The Apple Watch Sport was launched a year ago, and its initial price was $349. The new sale helps you save more than $100. The device is available on eBay at $199, so if you ever wished for the wearable, but the price was an impediment, now you might reconsider.

The Apple Watch Sport that is offered for sale is grey. There are other three Apple Watch models, apart from the one on sales.

The device is a smart watch. As such, it allows you to send messages and make phone calls quickly if connected to an iPhone. Another function of the device is that it can keep track of your fitness score.

Apple fans expect the company to reveal the next model of Apple Watch in the following weeks. They also may expect the price of the Apple Watch Sport to drop even more when the new model is released. As far as the latter is concerned, there are not many details on it so far. A thing that can be surely stated about it is that it will have some additional features.  There were rumors of the device having a camera on it, but there is nothing official about it yet.

Some of the new features of the second edition of Apple Watch will involve a GPS tracking system and an improved waterproof system.

The beginning of autumn will bring more novelties from Apple, as the new smartwatch is not the only product that the company has been working on lately.  The season to come might also bring iPhone 7, which has technology enthusiasts so intrigued.

So if you are fond of technology and want something more than just an accessory, you might find the Best Buy offer quite appealing. Remember that Apple Watch Sport is available now at $199 on eBay. Also, you might want to keep in mind checking the Apple updates, as the fall season seems to have several things in store for all technology enthusiasts out there.

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