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Apple Will Open an iOS App Development Center in Italy

Apple is expanding through Europe trying to train developers

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Apple will open an iOS App Development Center in Italy, in the city of Naples, this being the first center the tech-company is opening in Europe.

The center will be a place where developers can train and acquire new practical skills in the Apple system. It will be a sort of school for iOS developers. In order to open the center, Apple will be partnering up with a local institution. The institution will help design a curriculum for the future “students”. Moreover, Apple plans to partner with other firms in Italy that offer programs in computer science and training, hopefully reaching more developers.

The giant tech company has already created over 1.4 million jobs in Europe and they are very interested in the work force here. Therefore, with the new center they hope to attract even more developers and to train them the “Apple way”, making sure who they are going to hire later is going to be perfectly suitable for the job.

From the 1.4 million jobs they created in Europe, 1.2 million are in app development and include software engineers, developers and even non-IT workers. Most of these people are the ones behind the App Store, with 75.000 of them being from Italy. According to data, European developers have generated over 10.2 billion euros in sales, which is more than $1.1 billion.

Some of the most successful apps developed by Europeans are Quarami, a ticketing app or the Musement travel app which is available in seven languages across 50 countries. But the Development Center and the business Apple will do in Europe are not connected only to software and applications.

The company will also reinstate the connection they have with Laboratorio Elettrofisico. This company is specialized in hardware equipment and magnetization technology. Moreover, there are many other companies which have benefitted and will soon benefit even more from Apple’s investments. Even companies which produce micro-electro-mechanical systems are bought by Apple and used for device sensors.

If the new iOS App Development Center in Naples will be successful, Apple plans to open other such centers in other countries. However, they did not say anything yet about the next destination.

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