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Apple's Enhanced Siri Could Replace Human Assistants • Mirror Daily

Apple users could receive additional help from Siri once the enhanced version is released in 2016.

The iPhone maker has made so many changes to its voice-based assistant that Apple’s enhanced Siri could replace human assistants. The 2016 version will see the introduction of many more features as a result of Apple’s attempt to provide additional help to its customers.

The competition between smartphone producers is getting stronger and stronger each day, which is why it shouldn’t surprise us that enterprises come up with new services and products every year. This time it is Apple’s Siri voice assistant which will most likely draw everyone’s attention, according to tech savvies.

The iPhone producer has recently hinted that the enhanced version of Siri which will be available in 2016 will feature many more user-friendly options. The company is trying to make its assistant as reliable as possible by introducing a new feature that allows the transcription of voice messages into regular messages for users who cannot always access their voice email.

In addition, Siri could also answer voice emails on behalf of the users. The voice based assistant will replace the conventional pre-recorded messages and, instead will bear a standard conversation with the interlocutor, much like a robotic receptionist would do.

Thanks to Siri’s new options, interlocutors may be notified when the phone user is not available for a conversation. The assistant also lets people know why the user cannot answer the phone, as well as other useful details such as the time when he/she will be available for phone calls again. Users have the possibility to select the information they want Siri to transmit on their behalf.

These are just some of the new attributes that Siri could boast in the future. Tech analysts think the new software could also better organize files on the folder, by allowing users to easily select them with a simple voice command. Thus, users only have to say “Show me last month’s pictures” and Siri will automatically display them.

Since cloud services have become so vital these days, Apple will most certainly work to bridge the gap between its voice assistant and its iCloud service. According to the company’s previous declarations, Siri could also be integrated with the iCloud platform, providing quick access to the uploaded files.

These rumors have yet to be confirmed by Apple as the company did not make any official declaration in relation to the launching of the new Siri. More news will be delivered as the launching date approaches.

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