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Apple’s iCar Could Be Disastrous for the Company

Apple’s new CEO, Steve Jobs 2.0 Tim Cook

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Apple is the subject of skepticism once again, this time regarding their potentially very short foray in the autonomous car industry. According to the field’s experts, Apple’s iCar could be disastrous for the company.

Arguably the best innovators on the market, Apple has been successful in pretty much every field they attempted to conquer. However, if we’re to listen to some people who actually know what they’re talking about, their most recent investment might end up at the bottom of a metaphorical gully.

Despite keeping a very tight lid on things, people found out that the company acquired the Apple.Car and Apple.Auto domains on the 9th of December, which confirmed what people have been speculating for a while.

And even though the company has been successful thus far in their endeavors, and the fact that they registered the domains shows their faith in the project, the project will most likely end in failure. Here’s why.

First of all, the company’s leadership knows next to nothing about vehicles, let alone those of the autonomous electric variety.

What the company has always is been at is aspect over functionality. Even the most hardcore Apple fans will admit that they acquire the company’s products more because of the truly ingenious design, more than they do because of the functionality.

And functionality is what a car is all about. Never mind the fancy, modern design, or the connectivity between devices, or even the certain sense of superiority that comes from owning an Apple product, if the same technical problems that is seen in their devices will be part of their cars, people will most certainly shy away.

Second of all, the company got in the autonomous car market way too late, offering some of their competitors even a decade of head start.

Google’s autonomous cars already have over 2 million miles on the streets, and still not ready for public use. And even Tesla, who gave a relative launch date of three years from now, had troubles with their cars.

Meanwhile, Apple doesn’t even have a prototype ready yet, and the people working on it are… let’s just go with not the best in the business.

The company has been going after terminated employees from other companies, like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Tesla.

Tesla’s CEO even joked that Apple is the Tesla graveyard, meaning that if someone is fired from Tesla, Apple will come right in to hire them.

With all these criticisms at the address of Apple’s new developing technology, we can only wait and see if the company can really get ahead on this one.

Image source: Wikimedia

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