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New APWorks e-motorcycle makes impression.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It seems like APWorks has developed a new motorcycle, a quite unusual and unique one. The new model is called the ‘Light Rider’ and is a 3D printed electric motorbike. It weighs just 35 kg (77 lbs) and is around 30% lighter than most standard e-motorcycles.

Plus, it reaches from 0 to 80 km per hour in a few seconds and is capable of traveling 60 km between charges. The motorcycle was printed in Scalmalloy material, belonging to APWorks, which is an aluminum alloy almost as strong as titanium and resistant to corrosion.

The secret of the Rider’s light weight lies in its hollow frame, which was manufactured through a process of selective laser melting and has a fragile, silvery web appearance. However, looks can be deceiving. This bike is as capable as any standard motorcycle of withstanding much stress and weight.

According to CEO of Airbus APWorks GmbH, Joachim Zettler, this branched and complex hollow structure could not have been produced through conventional production technologies such as welding and milling.

Plus, developments in additive layer manufacturing granted the possibility of manufacturing the bionic design without any significant changes compared to the original prototype. It means that this type of technology unlocks many unconventional ways of manufacturing.

Like many other popular manufacturers, APWorks, relied on nature to find inspiration in designing the Light Rider model. The experts created an algorithm based on growth patterns and natural structures, resulting in the super-strong but ultralight frame similar to bird bones. In fact, the frame itself has a weight of only 6 kg, plus the other additional weight from the other components, a 6kW electric motor included.

APWorks underlines that strength to weight ratio is just like that of a supercar. Plus, the Light Rider is with no doubt quiet, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and pleasing for the taste of every admirer. According to APWorks, the Light Rider is the first 3D printed motorcycle in the world that comes from such a well-known and big corporation. Furthermore, it does not only have a beautiful design, but it is also unique.

For the moment, APWorks will release only a limited number of the model, more precisely 50. Plus, it is quite expensive, €50,000 ($56,095) but maybe in the future, this delicate-looking e-motorcycle will be more affordable.

Image Source:Youtube

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