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Are Flu Shots Necessary? Specialists Say “Yes.” • Mirror Daily

What do you think about flu shots?

(Mirror Daily, United States) We can already sense the presence of the cold season. The change of season and the low temperatures can cause colds and influenza. This is why specialists advise people to get their flu shots as soon as possible. Although they promote vaccination, there are people who chose not to get one.

In order to highlight the importance of flu shots, the state of Rhode Island initiated a campaign to promote them. Health officials say that vaccination is the best weapon against viruses. Flu shots improve your life quality during the cold season, keeping you safe from nasty viruses.

The doctors’ recommendation goes for adults, children, and elderly alike. People with weak immune systems are most likely to become a victim of viruses in the flu season.  Young children are also prone to viruses. Even babies should get their vaccine, specialists suggest.

Parents are strongly recommended to make sure they protect their children from viruses in the cold season. Babies who are aged more than six months should receive a flu shot. Parents should also get one because they could catch a cold and spread the viruses to their children.

Except for children and the elderly, health specialists also draw the attention of people who already suffer from other diseases. Asthma, cancer or diabetes patients should consider the idea of getting a vaccine.

All in all, health experts suggest that all the members of the family should get their flu shots. This year, the nasal spray which protected kids from viruses in the cold season is no longer available. It has been proved inefficient, so parents have to deal with the problem of a shot for their children. However, being sick is much more painful than being stung with a needle for a few seconds.

The campaign in Rhode Island aims to raise awareness about how important flu shots are. Health experts hope to convince much more people this year than in previous seasons. According to statistics, more than half of their residents received a vaccine last year. However, doctors still had to deal with hospitalizations due to influenza, and seven deaths were reported.

On the other hand, there are also people who are against vaccination. They tend to use alternative medicine methods instead. Their main arguments are that flu shots aren’t effective in all of the cases and that people still get sick despite having them. What side would you take in this controversy?

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