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Are Gardens on the Moon a Real Possibility? • Mirror Daily

Are gardens on the moon a real possibility?

(Mirror Daily, United States) If you are both passionate about astronomy and gardening, you might have the chance of growing your garden… on the Moon. Specialists suggest that gardens on the Moon might be a real possibility. They take into consideration the features of the environment on the Moon when stating this. They provide us with useful information on the matter.

One of the first recommendations from specialists is concerned with the location of the garden. They say that the best bet is the Moon’s poles. As far as temperature is concerned,  experts state that there are about -30 degrees Celsius. Although it might be considered as a low temperature, it allows the installment of a greenhouse or other type of shelter for plants.

According to specialists, there are significant temperature discrepancies between night and day on the Moon. On its equatorial regions, there could be -183 degrees Celsius during the night, and 106 degrees Celsius at daytime. Because of this wide differences, experts point out that the poles are the most suitable places for a potential garden.

The gardens on the Moon would be okay at the poles because the temperature there is rather steady. It has been reported a variation of only ten degrees. Specialists also avoid talking about the proper weather, as there nothing much happens. However, they insist that the environment on the Moon enables a greenhouse to keep its twenty degree Celsius temperature constant.

The gardens on the Moon won’t lack sunlight, as it is always sunny there. The only exceptions are the eclipses.

Scientists compared the odds of the Moon hosting gardens to those of Mars. Some of them concluded that Mars was a more suitable choice. However, there are specialists who note the slightly inconveniences that Mars could bring along.

One of the most appealing things about Mars is its similarity to Earth regarding its night-and-day cycle. The rotation takes twenty-four hours and forty minutes. However, there are also disadvantages, such as dust storms. Specialists are concerned that these phenomena could deprive gardens of sunlight at a high level, beyond ninety percent.

In addition to this, the Moon is also closer to the Sun. On the other hand, Mars atmosphere is laden with carbon dioxide, which might be considered an advantage for growing gardens. However, specialists say that plants do not need large amounts of carbon dioxide, and they could be just fine with what they have on the Moon.

If you were to choose, would you like to grow gardens on Mars or the Moon?

Image courtesy of: Public Domain Pictures

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