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Are We Closer to Marijuana Legalization? • Mirror Daily

The green-marked states allowed marijuana legalization.

(Mirror Daily, United States) The legalization of marijuana can be a delicate subject, as it raises controversy. However, officials decided to let people express their option and opinions through a referendum. It seems like the upcoming elections will also allow voters to decide for or against marijuana legalization, not only on the future president of the state.

For the time being, there are four states where marijuana legalization is a fact, namely Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. Here, both medical cannabis and pot used for recreational purposes are legal. There are other states where only medical marijuana is allowed. Such states are Montana, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, as well as several other Eastern states.

However, most states in the center of the U.S, as well as in the South-East, have no laws approving of any type of cannabis. Residents in these states too will be able to cast their votes on marijuana legalization on November 8.

Most states which allow recreational marijuana, or which are on the verge of legalizing it, require that users should be more than twenty-one years old. As far as medical cannabis is concerned, it is used as an alternative medicine for certain people. The patients who generally receive it have cancer, HIV, epilepsy, AIDS, or Crohn’s disease.

Although marijuana is not considered to be a dangerous drug, especially by users, there are still some risks to which consumers expose themselves. Smoking or excessively consuming the plant can lead to increased chances of developing cancer. People who smoke weed are also more likely to get asthma or bronchitis, specialists say.

States which consider the possibility of legalizing marijuana can base their decision on the experience of states which already allow both the plant and the substance by law. Reports show that no severe incidents or high rates have been registered since the legalization of cannabis.

However, studies on the impact of legalized marijuana were conducted in Colorado. The state allowed weed use four years ago, in 2012. Research from specialists shows that hospital visits increased more than fifty percent due to the use of pot, which became legal. Other effects, such as kids being suspended from school and accidental poisoning of pets have also been reported.

Previous surveys also show the American adults tend to use the drug. Now they are presented with the opportunity of making it legal. Do you agree to the legalization of marijuana?

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