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Arizona Butcher Found Guilty of Murdering a Man, Woman, and Four Children • Mirror Daily

Preston Strong, also called the Arizona Butcher, was found guilty of murdering six people in 2005.

Preston Strong, an individual, considered by many a butcher, has recently been found guilty of murdering his best friend, his wife, and four children in 2005. Strong of Yuma, Arizona, who’s currently serving life in prison for the murder of a physician, may face the death penalty for his recent murder streak. Prosecutors declared that Strong took his time to kill his victims, according to the evidence recovered from the crime scene.

Arizona Butcher Serves Life in Prison for 2007 Murder

A recent trial that took place in Yuma, Arizona, proves how perverted the human mind can be when it comes to earning more money. The Yuma County judges who presided over Preston Strong’s trial declared that the man’s recent actions were solely motivated by the financial factor.

According to the man’s court documents, he is currently serving life in prison for brutally murdering Satinder Gill, a doctor from Yuma County, back in 2007. The documents showed that Strong attacked his physician, strangled him, and bashed his head in using a blunt instrument.

Recent developments in another incident, which took place in 2005, proves the Arizona butcher’s involvement. Preston Strong was accused and found guilty of savagely murdering Luis Rosa (35), Adrienne Heredia (29), the man’s wife, and the couple’s four children, with ages between 6 and 13.

It Took Preston Six Hours to Kill His Victims

Reportedly, Rosa was Preston Strong’s best friend, and, on more than on occasion, Strong has been seen living Rosa’s Yuma house. However, the friendship with Rosa and his family didn’t stop the Arizona butcher from killing them and to steal their possessions.

According to the man’s affidavit, in 2005, under the pretext of visiting his best friend, the Arizona butcher entered Rosa’s house and systematically murdered all the members of his family. However, as we delve deeper into the details of Strong’s murders, we find out that the man took his time to kill his victims.

The prosecutors declared that the six victims were killed over a period of six hours, and, per the coroner’s report, Strong’s favorite method of execution was strangulation. However, it would appear that he also shot some of his victims.

The authorities were able to track down and apprehend the Arizona butcher after finding Strong’s fingerprints on Rosa’s nightstand, and baffling enough, on his steering wheel. It appears that the man used his best friend’s car in order to flee the scene.

Preston Strong was found guilty of all six charges of first-degree murder and might risk the capital punishment.

Image source: Wikipedia

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