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Arizona Trooper Rescued by Passing Motorists • Mirror Daily

Arizona trooper was saved by a passing motorist.

(Mirror Daily, United States)-A passing motorist saved the life of an Arizona trooper who was attacked and wounded by an armed suspect on Interstate 10. The law enforcement officer was responding to a 911 call when he was attacked by an unknown assailant. The motorist shot and killed the suspect before calling for an ambulance.

Arizona officials reported that a passing motorist managed to save the life of a law enforcement officer who was ambushed by an armed suspect while investigating a rolled over vehicle. The events that led to this incredible story began when the Arizona Trooper responded to a 911 call involving a potential gun fight.

According to the caller, several gun shots were heard from a remote area near Tonopah, Interstate 10. The Arizona trooper was on his way to investigate when he came across a rolled over the vehicle. The trooper stopped his vehicle and went to see if he could render assistance to the vehicle’s occupants.

As he was setting up flares around the vehicle, an unknown individual opened fire, severely wounding the law enforcement officers. According to Captain Damon Cecil of Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, the state trooper involved in the fire exchange was shot in the chest and shoulders.

After taking down the police officer, the unknown individual sprung up from his hiding place and began to beat the wounded trooper. Being severely wounded, the officer could not defend himself. The whole scene was witnessed by passing motorist who stopped to see what was happening.

Seeing that the armed suspect was beating down the wounded officer, the motorist told him to stand down. The suspect ignored him and continued beating the Arizona trooper. The motorist went to his vehicle, grabbed his gun, and shot the suspect. The assailant was later pronounced dead at the scene.

After gunning down the suspect, the passing motorist took the officer’s radio and called in a medical helicopter, which arrived in just a couple of minutes. According to Captain Cecil, another motorist stopped by to render assistance.

The Arizona trooper was airlifted to the nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. The trooper is currently recovering, and his condition is stable.

At the moment, the authorities do not know for certain why the suspect opened fire on the Arizona trooper or where he was hiding. Furthermore, the officials identified a second victim, a young woman who was ejected from the rolled over vehicle. Unfortunately, she was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

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