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Artificial Intelligence Could Join Our Fight against Global Problems • Mirror Daily

Artificial Intelligence may join our fight against global problems.

Global Warming, pollution, a decrease of natural fuels are just a few of the problems that we are facing in the present. The good news is that artificial intelligence could join our fight against global problems and help us solve them more efficiently.

The article that was published this January in the Science journal deals with exactly this idea. It proposes that Artificial Intelligence should be combined with Human Intelligence, thus creating a balanced system.

This combination is possible by joining what is called human computation and computer intelligence. The first is based on actual human beings trying to solve a problem that is generated by a computer, and the latter is exactly the opposite (a computer solving the problem generated by humans).

By creating such a hybridization, the researchers can now reduce the number of flaws that each individual contraption presents itself with. Limitations are also diminished because human solutions may be more “outside of the box” than those generated by the computer, but also, computers may produce answers that are correct but too simple for humans to think about.

Studies have shown that a human brain can be much faster than any computer that has yet to be built, our neuro pathways communicating with each other at incredible speeds, but humans have limits that computers do not. For example, a team of scientists may be better equipped to solve certain amounts of problems, their mind working with algorithms much more complex than series of ones and zeros, but they need rest, nourishment, sleep. A computer only needs a plug, and the right question to be analyzed.

When we think about the fact that Artificial Intelligence could join our fight against global problems, we may throw away our copy of Asimov, and star collaborating for a better future, and a solution for the “wicked problems”, as they call the questions that cannot be answered by computer intelligence or crowd-sourcing taken separately. Or in other words, questions that have failed to be answered by traditional ways of thinking.

But the diseases of the planet are not the only ones that are targeted by this new hybrid that was recently put into use. The article also makes reference to a new research for Alzheimer’s Disease that employs both of the techniques (crowd-based micro-tasking and human computation). Apparently this new approach may help such studies advance much faster, transforming decades of work into mere years.

There was a time not so long ago when we marveled at the fact that we can input data into a machine and it could solve basic mathematical problems. Now Artificial Intelligence could join our fight against global problems.

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