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Astronomers Find A Comet That Spits Out Alcohol And Sugar Into Space • Mirror Daily

Space Cookies are always a good idea

Life all of a sudden got a lot happier in the darkness void that is the universe, as astronomers find a comet that spits out alcohol and sugar into space.

The comet is called Lovejoy because we all know that there is no love or joy without alcohol and it has been spreading the happy juice into space for quite a while now. Actually, as NASA explains, traces of alcohol have been found in the comet’s tail. Also, it’s called that way because it was discovered by Terry Lovejoy, using the Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope in 2014, but our explanation of the name is better and should become the official one.

NASA has made it quite clear that this is the first time they’re seeing something like this, a cosmic body, meaning a comet this time, expelling ethyl alcohol. The space agency estimates Lovejoy puts out through its tail approximately 500 bottles of alcohol per second. That is a shame and a waste, if you ask us. Also, we would really like to try and see how space alcohol tastes like, NASA, if you please.

Apart from the alcohol, the comet seems to also dispose of several other gases, both organic and molecular, among which a sugar substance called glycol aldehyde. Of course, this all seems like a Rihanna video, where the star throws up booze and sugary stuff, but the French astronomers say there’s a bit more to it than that.

The thing is that what this comet is doing may actually be the proof we were waiting for that heavenly bodies such as the Lovejoy comet might have been a life source for places like earth. The science goes like this: after the Big Bang happened, comets, being the oldest celestial bodies around, might have carried away the very elements that started life as we know it in the Big Bang. They might have carried them away and, in their wake, some of these elements might have landed on different planets such as ours.

If these planets happened to have water on them, the better. Also, the biological remnants might have made their way towards planets like earth because of comets crashing into them also, not just spraying them with alcohol and sugar. But crashing into something sounds a lot like a Rihanna video too.

This is important as well because of its impact it has on the Big Bang theory itself. If proven correct, Professor Hawking’s theory might mean that it was all along the way life began.

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