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August 2016 Was the Hottest Month in History • Mirror Daily

The heat of August 2016 was unbearable.

(Mirror Daily, United States) NASA has previously announced that July 2016 was the hottest month in history. However, one month later, the graphics changed. As temperatures continued to grow, now August 2016 is the record holder for the hottest month ever recorded.

NASA has been keeping records of global temperature since1880. Specialists have never encountered a warmer period than the one we are currently living in since they started their tracking studies. According to them, the last month of the summer of 2016 was the hottest that the Earth has ever experienced in the modern age. The new study from the officials shows that  August 2016 was 0.98 degrees Celsius hotter than the regular months of summer.

If compared to the results recorded in the past years, August 2016 can only be matched by August 2014. That was also a sweltering year, but this year’s summer was even hotter than that. However, the same reports show that August and July 2016 were equally warm, which makes them both the hottest months in history.

Researchers are quite surprised, as they expected that the temperatures would drop once the summer was drawing to its end. Nevertheless, 2016 seems to be a year full of surprises, as far as temperature and climate phenomena are concerned.

According to scientists, August was the eleventh month in a row which recorded temperatures highest than the average ones. Taking into consideration this piece of information, scientists tend to believe that 2016 will be the hottest year ever recorded. Before it, 2014, and then 2015 were the record holders regarding high temperatures.

Climate change is happening right now, and scientists can show facts and figures. The rising temperatures registered in the past months are just one of the examples. Scientists list other phenomena which are tightly linked to global warming. For instance, snow and ice are melting in the poles, which leads to rising sea levels and to the loss of habit of animals which live in the poles. Increased sea levels lead to floods which devastate the coasts. On the other hand, as the air temperature riseses, the water temperature also increases, affecting the marine creatures.

Specialists agreed on the fact that global warming was caused by human activity. They are also aware that natural phenomena like El Niño contribute to climate change.

The NASA study showing that August 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded was published on September 12. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will make an analysis of its own on the high temperatures of August 2016.

Image courtesy of: Pexels

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