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Autistic Teen Had A Special 19th Birthday • Mirror Daily

Halle had a great birthday this year.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After spending her 18th birthday alone, a young teen suffering from autism, Hallee  Sorenson, had a 19th birthday which she will never forget.

After her cousin, Rebecca Guildford from Oxford posted a photo on Facebook with Hallee sitting alone last year waiting for her friends to come, many people were touched by the girl’s story and decided to bring their contribution so she will never feel alone this year as well.

This month, on June 8th, Rebecca posted Hallee’s story online writing that she had been looking forward to her friends coming to her bowling party. Despite the fact that she had sent invitations to her classmates, no one attended her birthday event.

Rebecca described her cousin as a beautiful young woman with the mind of a child, who was heartbroken because no one wanted to spend some time with her and play bowling. Especially when you are young, it is so sad to spend your birthday alone.

No kid or teenager deserves to spend a birthday alone. Therefore, Rebecca promised to herself that Halle will never be alone at her birthday again. Thanks to her efforts, Hallee had her mailbox filled with over 10,000 greeting cards this year. It is also worth mentioning that Rebecca wrote in her post that her cousin loves receiving mail.

After writing an address from Bangor, Maine, the post had been shared more than 230,000 times, and Hallee got countless of birthday greeting cards from many people who wanted to make the girl’s birthday a little more special.

Hallee received birthday greeting cards from the state of Ohio, football quarterback John Elway, Washington Redskins football team, and the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Despite the fact that Rebecca mentioned that they Halle’s family politely declined to receive birthdays gifts, she received many other presents such as teddy bears, CDs from every corner of the world and flowers.

Furthermore, Hallee also got a NASA Barbie from a woman working at the Kennedy Space Center, and greeting cards from the Maine Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police and an Afghanistan-deployed soldier.

Moreover, there is also a Facebook page called Hallee’s 19th Birthday created by her mother, Allyson. The girl is still receiving a lot of posts, birthday cards and presents. All in all, her cousin kept her promise and made sure that Hallee would have a great birthday.

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