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Autumn Sale On Steam Went Live

The steam sale is on

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If you’ve been waiting for certain games to come down in prices, this might be it, because the Autumn Sale on Steam went live yesterday, on November 25th. And it will continue for an entire week, until December 1st, when the games will return to their usual cost.

However, before detailing the number of games that might be a good deal for this year’s Autumn Sale, it should be mentioned that things will be a bit different. For one, the “Exploration Sale”, as it’s called, will feature 196 titles at discounted prices. However, Steamworks Developers confirmed that we won’t be getting the daily sales or flash sales.

In the past, they were used to keep customers on their toes, anticipating that huge bargain that will get them an excellent game for virtually nothing. This year, that won’t be happening. Instead, there will be a set price for the entirety of the sale. Their featured recommendations will remain though, as seen on the home page of the Steam or their official website.

The Autumn Sale will last from November 25th, 10 A.M. PST until December 1st, 10 A.M PST, so there’s enough time to shop around. There are a few games that might just be worth it for those who haven’t purchased them yet due to the fear of emptying their wallets. And for some of this year’s big releases, it’s certainly true.

Out of those featured on the front page, some of the bigger discounts are for ‘Tom Clancy’s Franchise’, which holds an entire array of games discounted at 50%. Or, gamers can get almost the entire franchise at a lowered price by 75%. This means paying around $32 for around 14 games.

Of course, this is does not include the upcoming ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’, which will officially launch on December 1st, and is now in open beta. It would be a good way though to try out all other games in the series before making up your mind.

Another franchise, ‘Fallout’, is up for sale as well, with games discounted between 66-75%. Again, this doesn’t include the latest release, ‘Fallout 4’, which has been met with excellent comments and reviews from both critics and gamers.

Other notable mentions are ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’, which is featuring a 50% discount, now available at $30 for those who haven’t given the open-world fantasy epic a try. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ also has a 40% discount, and is now at $33, ‘Life is Strange’ at a 50% discount, ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ at 40%, and ‘Cities: Skylines’ at 50%.

Keep in mind that you will be getting another chance next month, when the Winter Sale will go from December 22nd to January 1st, which might feature even more discounted games.

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