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Baby Koala Stays By His Mother During Surgery – Mirror Daily

Phantom, the six-month-old baby koala refused to leave his mother alone during the surgical intervention.

Internet users have all had their hearts melted after watching the loving photos of a koala bear and his mom. The baby koala stays by his mother during surgery even though vet experts have tried to separate them.

The picture of the tiny koala bear has first emerged on the Internet on Thursday morning. Those who have had the opportunity of seeing the image have all declared that the photo has managed to capture an instance of unconditional true love.

The six-month-old koala baby, Phantom, and his mom, Lizzy have been brought to the hospital after being hit by a car. After investigating their medical condition, doctors were able to state that Phantom was in a good condition. Unfortunately, his mother has been severely wounded and needed to undergo an immediate surgical intervention to have her lung treated. Her face has also been severely wounded during the car incident.

Doctors were deeply impressed to see the koala bear react as they have tried to remove him from the back of his mother. The tiny bear clung even tighter to his mother’s neck as vets tried to separate them, so they simply had to leave him there as the surgery went on.

Medical experts have later on explained that this behavior is in fact very common among koala bears. These animals are incredibly social, but they usually develop stronger bonds with their mothers and their own offsprings. This is the reason why Phantom refused to let his mother alone as veterinarians performed the medical intervention.

After the surgical intervention, physicians have told the press that the koala bear is outside any other threats and that her condition has been stabilized. Lizzy has been treated within the Australia Hospital which was founded by famous “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin was known due to the numerous expeditions he has conducted in order to study and sometimes save the lives of extinct crocodiles. He lost his life in 2006 after being stung by a stingray during a televised show.

Lizzi and her baby Phantom, will remain in the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital for the following period. Doctors will closely supervise their physical condition in order to determine whether their state has been improved or not.
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