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Baby Received a New Heart in the Nick of Time • Mirror Daily

Little Lincoln experienced a heart attack right before his transplant surgery.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Doctors learned the value of a minute as a seven months old baby received a new heart in the nick of time. The infant who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect suffered two cardiac arrest episodes.

Lincoln Seay was born with a congenital heart defect, his heart was situated on the wrong side of the body. The condition can only be repaired with a heart transplant.

Ever since his birth, baby Lincoln has been through multiple surgical interventions, none of which helped him very much. His health was rapidly deteriorating and his doctors pushed him on the transplant list.

But organs are scarce and Lincoln had to wait for his turn in order to receive a new, healthy heart. According to his father, his condition was declining dangerously fast and he even suffered a heart attack while waiting for the transplant.

Even his doctors were beginning to lose faith in his survival chances. But the baby received a new heart in the nick of time and the physicians were able to perform the transplant.

But the surgery didn’t go smoothly at all. Just as Lincoln was being prepped for the extensive surgery, he experienced yet another heart attack.

The doctors intervened quickly and they managed to put the little boy on bypass. And they did it in only twelve minutes, thus considerably increasing his chances of survival.

His physicians pulled an almost impossible stunt by performing a standard two-hour long procedure in only twelve minutes, all while doing CPR.

Needless to say, the parents are extremely pleased with the doctor’s performance.

The baby’s mother declared that she felt a wide array of emotions while her son was in surgery. She felt happy that her baby received a new heart in the nick of time, sad for the parents who donated the organ, shocked that the operation was actually happening and a whole lot of other emotions.

Lincoln’s parents relocated to Seattle after the baby was born and diagnosed with the terrible condition. Now that the infant has a new, healthy heart they will go back to Alaska and start a normal family life.

Rob, the father, declared that Lincoln changed after the surgery. After the baby received a new heart in the nick of time, he became more energetic.

His pallor disappeared and now the rosy-cheeked baby boy is playing with his parents and doctors. He still has to wait one more month before going back to Alaska, but his current physicians are hopeful and they foresee a complete recovery.

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