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Flesh eating bacteria are not a joke.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There is a growing concern regarding the flesh eating bacteria after some cases of infected people have been recently reported.

According to Dr. Tim Martindale, the bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus might be found in standstill, warm, or shallow water. It can also be found in the mud or bottom sand of lakes or seawater.

People usually get infected through open wounds or cuts. Crabs and shrimps might carry this infection as well, meaning that eating this seafood without properly cooking it might lead to severe consequences.

That is why doctors recommend people to avoid boiling or steaming seafood. Instead, they should properly cook them at high temperatures to make sure that all bacteria will die.

People who get infected with Vibrio develop a swollen skin, tenderness, and redness as well. Experts strongly recommend people to have a shower and to use antibacterial soap that will remove all the bacteria that they might have contacted from the water.

But to make sure that they will not get infected, scientists advise everyone to avoid swimming in possibly contaminated waters.

The flesh eating bacteria is no joke, as it causes a massive open wound in the infected area and it is difficult to treat if the infection is not detected early.

Regarding this matter, early detection is crucial, and it will certainly make the difference. Such bacteria can be tackled with strong antibiotics and other treatment given by your doctor. Left untreated, Vibrio will cause severe damage in the infected area.

In the worst case scenario, doctors had to amputate the infected parts of the body to prevent the bacteria from spreading further.

Martindale stated that people with eczema, super dry skin, cracks, sores and breaks in their skin must avoid swimming in waters that might be infected with Vibrio.

This virus thrives in shallow and warm waters so people should always be informed whether the waters in which they decide to swim is labeled as safe by experts.

The infection caused by Vibrio is called cellulitis and can be best treated by a powerful prescribed antibiotic known as docyclin.

According to Dr. Martindale, hundreds of people are infected by Vibrio vulnificus every year. Officials and authorities from many counties have decided to take active measures of precaution by testing their water sources to establish whether they are contaminated with the flesh eating bacteria or not.

Image Source:Static Annahar

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