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Banner Saga Will Be Launched in April • Mirror Daily

Banner Saga II will feature more enemies, races, clans and other exciting features.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Even though it was first announced for late 2015, and then early 2016, Banner Saga will be launched in April, the 19th. According to the official Banner Saga Twitter account, players who are interested can already pre-order the game on Steam.

The gaming industry is harsh. The developers want to surprise and thrill the players, but they also want it all and now. But two things are bound to happen when you announce a release date, and you realize you can’t make it.

There are some developers, like, Bethesda, who announce a release date and stick with it even though the game is filled with glitches. Of course, they clear them a couple of months after the launch with patches, but lots of gamers expressed the fact that they are willing to wait for more for a finite product rather than buying the game on time and discovering that the characters have no face.

Then there are the companies who prefer to express their sincere apologies and announce that the game has been delayed. In the case of Developer Stoic, the delay occurred several times, but now players are expecting to be offered a unique experience, bug-free and ready to play.

 It may be that Stoic wants to make amends for the delay seeing as the cost of the second installment of Banner Saga is $5 cheaper than the first one. Also, there is a 10 percent discount if you decide to pre-order the game on Steam. According to Stoic, there will be no other foreseeable discounts, so if you’re the kind of gamer who wants to strike a deal, now is the day.

The second part of the game follows the first one in great detail. Players will see that the decisions they took while playing the first will affect the action in the second. So don’t fret if your friends had a different opening sequences experience than you, it just means that they handled things differently in their own games.

Moreover, the second Saga will introduce the players to new characters, enemies, allies, and races, so the different outcomes of battles will now be even more varied. Apart from the new character features, Stoic is promising improved combat, an extensive array of victory scenarios, enemy variety, better storytelling and enhanced battle boards.

Banner Saga will be launched in April, the 19th. If you are wondering whether or not you should give it a shot, you can always check out the video below.

Image source: YouTube

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