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Bare-Naked Man Steals Cab in Broad Daylight and Races It Through Park • Mirror Daily

It could have been the perfect day for the people who were talking a walk through the park.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – What could be more relaxing than a stroll through the city on a quiet Sunday morning? It could have been the perfect day for the people who were talking a walk through the park near Philly’s Rittenhouse Square if not for an incident so peculiar that it makes you reconsider the sanity of the people you pass by every day, on the street.

Michael Emmanuel, a cab driver, was just about to drop his client in the area when a man appeared out of nowhere and began screaming at Emmanuel’s passenger. According to the cab driver, the man was bare-naked and shortly after approaching the car, he opened the back door, pulled the passenger out of the vehicle, and dragged her into the street.

Emmanuel and other bystanders who witnessed the event went to help the woman attacked by the bare-naked man. However, the man seized the opportunity and jumped into Emmanuel’s car, and drove off. Stunned by the man’s daredevilish stunt he just pulled, the cab driver couldn’t do anything else but stare at the man driving out into the sunset.

According to the authorities, the bare-naked man who stole the cab driver’s car drove straight through Rittenhouse Square, and then some more, before his journey came to a swift end. After exiting the park, the man hit three parked cars before stopping into lamppost situated on Walnuts Street and 18th.

After the vehicle had crashed into the lamppost, several people who witnessed the event went to the car and attempted to immobilize the bare-naked man. Several minutes later, the authorities arrived to take the man into custody.

According to eyewitness accounts, as the man was pulled out of the car, he kept shouting that he’s suffering from a mental illness and that he wanted to go to a hospital in order to seek help.

However, before taking him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, the officers who apprehended the man tested him with a DUI kit to determine if the man consumed alcohol or narcotics before he got behind the wheel.

Should the psychiatrists give the man a clean bill of health, the individual might be charged with grand auto theft, assault, and battery. Fortunately, the police officials declared that no one was hurt during the man’s frightening spectacle, save for Emmanuel’s car which requires major repairs.

Image Source: Wikimedia

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