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Bear shot and escaped authorities.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After being shot, a black bear escapes authorities, according to the latest reports from Denville. The animal broke into a basement, but the police managed to chase it into the woods.

The bear escaped just with a superficial wound and it is less likely to come back after such an experience. According to Paul Nigro, a police captain, the authorities used rubber bullets at first to scare the bear away, but the state Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish and Wildlife couldn’t find the bear after a thorough search of a few hours.

The animal had probably hidden somewhere to make sure that no one would find it. The animal’s behavior was labeled as an immediate danger to human safety, so authorities were allowed to use firepower to deal with the wild animal.

It was classified as Category1 bear because it posed not only a threat to human safety but also to properties and farmlands. State officials allow Category 1 bears to be immediately euthanized to make sure that the public is safe from any other threat.

The first report that caught the attention of the authorities was that someone spotted a bear eating garbage on the Riverside Drive. Then, a police officer saw a broken basement’s window and spotted the bear inside.

State officials reported that the house was unoccupied. The animal was chased by the police across the Rockaway River into the forest, but it suddenly began eating from a garbage can from a neighboring area. Soon the authorities understood that they need to take drastic measures, so an officer was instructed to shoot the starving bear.

The bear was wounded in the shoulder and ran into a wooded area. More conditioning shots were fired to make sure that the bear runs into the forest. Fish and Wildlife officials joined their efforts with the authorities to find the bear and treat its wounds, but they were unable to track it.

However, the wound was superficial, so the bear would most likely recover from it. The Category 1 bears are regarded as showing a dangerous behavior including attacks or kills of pets, beehives, livestock, crops, tent entries, and humans.

Residents are strongly recommended to stick to the safety guidelines by securing trash and food sources that might be easy to reach by a hungry bear. Also, all people will have to use a bear-proof trash can that will discourage the animals if they attempt to open it.

Image Source:Tape Ciarnia

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