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Bermuda Triangle May Not Be a Mystery, After All • Mirror Daily

The ocean’s floor is filled with methane gas pockets that sometimes burst.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Conspiracy theories and mysterious disappearances are favorite debate issues for a great assortment of people. From talk shows to TV-show or movie writers, to friends hanging out, drinking beer and talking nonsense, these kind of subjects were always attractive. And one of the favorites has always been the Bermuda Triangle. But Norwegian scientists believe that the Bermuda Triangle may not be a mystery, after all.

The Devil’s Triangle, or the Bermuda Triangle is a zone situated between Bermuda, San Juan, and Miami. Vincent Gaddis, an American author, coined the phrase “Bermuda Triangle” in 1964 while doing a cover piece for Argosy.

The myth of the triangle started when several ships and aircraft disappeared in the region and were never found again. At least the majority. The weirder part is that those that were found were empty no sign of the passengers whatsoever.

Naturally, the public opinion started coming up with various theories about what happened with the crafts. Some say that the zone is somehow connected with an interdimensional portal, others that the lost continent of Atlantis resides at the bottom and that its inhabitants (who are technologically superior) get rid of all vessels which might spot it.

But a team of Norwegian researchers believes that the Bermuda Triangle may not be a mystery, after all. According to them, the ships and aircraft that go missing in the Devil’s Triangle are actually hit by large methane bubbles that rise from the ocean floor.

Seeing as methane can interact with jet fuel and produce a massive explosion, the reason for which the vessels are almost never recovered is easy. There is nothing left for the salvage teams to recover because the blasts can be extremely powerful.

Sadly, the team of scientists is rather alone with its theories. Many of their peers consider that the explanation (while valid to a certain point) is not enough. A massive explosion that obliterates a vessel can solve the mystery of the crafts that disappeared without a trace.

But there are still other strange occurrences that remain unexplained. For example, the vessels that disappear and are sometimes found later with no trace of its crew and passengers. Short of a neutron bomb, there is no scientific evidence.

Even though the Norwegian scientists believe that the Bermuda Triangle may not be a mystery, after all, there are still a lot of members of the scientific community who are not convinced by the methane bubble theory or by that stating that the vessels get lost and fly around until they crash.

With today’s GPS technology you couldn’t get lost in the Amazonian forest. So the mystery is not yet one hundred percent solved and electromagnetic mist, alien interference and even a direct, one-way portal to Hell are still debated as being possible causes of the disappearing phenomenon.

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