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Best Adventure-Horror Games You Can Buy on Steam • Mirror Daily

Here are some of the best psychological adventure-horror games available on Steam.

Looking for some good old jump scares or maybe a blood-chilling story? Then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. Seeing how the psychological horror adventure genre lately revolved around titles such as Resident Evil Biohazard or the upcoming Outlast 2, we have decided to put together a small list of indie adventure-horror games that you can purchase on Steam.

Now, please do try to keep in mind that a good horror game doesn’t necessarily need to have 4K graphics or ugly monsters – a great story and an unsettling soundtrack are more than enough to make you keep the lights on while playing the game at night.

So, grab onto to your headphones, fire up your Steam account, and join us as we talk about the most amazing indie adventure horror games on Steam.

1. Layers of Fear

Created by Bloober Team SA and published by Aspyr, Layers of Fear is a truly unsettling adventure-horror game that will keep you on edge. The story focuses on the protagonist efforts to finish the painting left behind by his friend who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Set in a Victoria-style mansion, Layers of Fear takes the psychological horror genre to the next level.

2. Stories Untold

One of the most promising titles of 2017 in terms of adventure-horror is, without a doubt, Stories Untold. Revamping the text-driven adventure genre, Stories Untold challenges the player to solve mind-boggling puzzles while struggling to preserve his sanity. Four stories, four endings, and only one nightmare – do you have what it takes to learn the truth?

3. Kholat

Kholat is a first-perspective adventure-horror game which put the players in the boots of a man who sets out to investigate a series of gruesome murders. Fun fact – the game is based on real-life events. More specifically, the Dyatlov Pass Incident which the Soviet authorities were not able to solve.

4. Narcosis

It is said that in space no one can hear you scream for help. The same goes if you were trapped on the bottom of the ocean. Take control of your character and explore the gruesome mysteries that lie at the bottom of the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean. Will you untangle the mystery or will you succumb to the horrors created by your mind?

5. We Happy Few on Steam

Set in an alternative futuristic London, We Happy Few is the result of what will happen when there’s too much joy around. Fight, engage in stealth missions, and do whatever it takes to open everyone’s eyes.

Image source: Wikipedia

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