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best things about Street Fighter 5 •

Street Fighter 5 features a cool new soundtrack and some special new battle moves.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – When a game has been on the market for as long as Street Fighter has, the players have certain expectations. Some games have the tendency of just scrapping together a few new features, patching them up on the previous version and voila. But Street Fighter 5 is a refreshing sequel that combines the old and the new into a very enjoyable gaming experience.

Arcade games can be very tricky, in the sense that they may not have the same broad background as a role-playing game. And there is a certain public for them. But Street Fighter 5 is a refreshing sequel of the SF IV which had its bugs and difficulties. The game is so refreshing that it could appeal to a broader public than a typical arcade can.

Starting with the good parts of the game, Street Fighter 5 is a refreshing sequel in the sense that it fixed most of the flaws that the SF IV had, added a few more characters and specific moves and features a great soundtrack.

It’s hard to find a game with an outstanding soundtrack. Of course, we’re not talking Skyrim. RPGs usually feature fantastic soundtracks, some even are played by entire orchestras. But somehow game developers always thought that arcade games don’t deserve the same consideration as RPGs.

Street Fighter 5 is an exception to the dull soundtrack rule. Its musical background features a combination of old character tunes and new songs that actually encourage you to fight better in your matches. A good soundtrack will always improve the gaming experience altogether.

Another exceptional feature of the new Street Fighter installment are the signature features. The V-trigger is a single, disastrous attack that will leave your enemies breathless. The V-Skills are character specific, just as the V-triggers. This actually encourages players to stick fight a favorite character and evolve its skill set until it becomes undefeatable.

Speaking of undefeatable, there were some features in ST IV that made certain characters feel more powerful than others, creating an obvious disadvantage between players. But ST V eliminated all of those elements creating a very well balanced arcade game in which every character has weaknesses and strengths, but as a whole, they’re pretty much equal.

Street Fighter 5 is a refreshing sequel, but it does have some weak spots, too. For some reason, the Story Mode will be available in April, which is very confusing. Also, there is room for more content and features that will surely come as DLCs later on.

The worst part? You can’t play against your computer and there is no Arcade mode featured in this, well, arcade game.

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