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Bethesda Announced the Ultra-Violent New Wolfenstein Game • Mirror Daily

Bethesda will release a sequel to the 1992 game Wolfenstein 3D

(Mirror Daily, United States) – During E3 2017, Bethesda announced a violent new shooter where players can be creative and kill Nazis in the craziest ways. The game, called Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, is a more brutal reimagining of the classic Nazi blaster launched in 1992.

Get creative with Wolfenstein II while killing Nazis

According to some sources, the game was initially called “1000 Ways to Kill Nazis” but, since it came as a sequel to the classic Wolfenstein, Bethesda decided to stick to a different name. In the universe of the game, Nazis have taken over America, and players have to fight them and save their land from their cruelty.

The main character is BJ Blazkowicz, also known as Terror Billy, who has the tough job of liberating the American soil from the Nazi domination. Among the places where players can get into epic fights with the German tyrants, there is New Mexico, the small but popular town of Roswell, the luxurious boulevards of New Orleans, or the remains of Manhattan after a nuclear war.

The game has been banned in Germany

Recently, violence against Nazis has become more popular, after the alt-right adept Richard Spencer was punched on live television. Since then, people have turned the image of the whacking into a meme, and have overly shared images and videos, encouraging others to punch Nazis.

Bethesda maintained its sense of humor, and called killing Nazis everyone’s favorite pastime. Therefore, they fashioned the main character with different kinds of combat skills, as well as guns and weapons which allow players to be as creative as they want in their attempt to annihilate the enemies.

Unfortunately for German fans who were eager to unleash some virtual violence against Nazis, Wolfenstein II has been banned in their country due to the high number of Nazi symbols and imagery. Therefore, the sale and distribution of the game is forbidden in Germany, and is punishable by law.

Image Source: Flickr

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