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Bumble now lets you swipe for a new BFF instead of just a romantic interest.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Just when people got accustomed to the idea that they will find their love on a dating app, now they have the chance of finding friends on a, well, dating app. So instead of just using it only in search of Prince Charming or Cinderella, Bumble now lets you swipe for a new BFF.

Dating is hard especially when you’re stuck at work most days. You never get a chance to meet new people, possible new love interests. That is why applications like Tinder and Bumble were invented. So that you can count on a mechanical algorithm to hook you up with a person with which you share similar interests.

But making friends is as hard as dating. Actually, it’s even more difficult because you don’t expect very much from a first date. If you don’t hit it off, at least, you got an excellent meal, and an excuse to leave the house and get dressed up. But with friends you really want things to work out.

That is why, Bumble decided to mix things up a bit and let people use the app in order to search for new friends, instead of love interests, or both. The decision came after the company received a lot of requests from users to introduce a “friends” platform. Also, they observed that more and more people were using the dating app to find people to hang out with when they were visiting new cities.

In order to make the app’s interface as user-friendly as possible, the developers coded the conversations with different colors. So when you will be talking to a potential love interest, your chat window will be yellow, and when you will be chatting with a new friend, it will be green.

For the moment, users are only allowed a single profile for both the dating and the friends feature, but the people behind Bumble are already working on offering the possibility of a dual-profile. So your potential friends won’t be forced to see that picture of you in the bikini, not at first sight, that is.

Furthermore, it seems that Bumble is only promoting same-sex friendships. So if you’re a girl looking for male friends, or vice-versa, you’re not searching in the right place.

The communication method will be similar to the protocol for same-sex dating. If both users swipe to the right, then they will have a 24 hours window of opportunity to initiate contact.

So if you’re not the kind of person that looks for a romantic partner on the specialized platforms, but you are looking for new friends, don’t forget that Bumble now lets you swipe for a new BFF, as well.

The app is available for download in Google Play and Apple Store.

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