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BioWare Releases New Details About Mass Effect Andromeda • Mirror Daily

BioWare declared that Mass Effect Andromeda will required at least 55 GB of free space.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Hyped about BioWare’s upcoming title Mass Effect Andromeda? Then you will be delighted to find out that the top brass from BioWare has had the courtesy of releasing a couple of details about the title which will come out on the 21st of March.

Michael Gamble and S.Frazier, the think-tanks behind the critically-acclaimed Mass Effect franchise revealed a couple of facts about the size of the main game and something about a first-day patch, which may or may not be released together with the game.

As the grand day draws ever closer, director Gamble and Frazier, Mass Effect Andromeda’s lead designer have leaked a couple of details about the title. Unfortunately, they didn’t say anything about romancing opting, dialogues, or weapons, but they did talk about some interesting facts about the game.

According to the BioWare’s top brass, the main Mass Effect Andromeda will take up at least 55 GB of your hard disk, and the subsequent first-day patch will take up some 45 GB. Talk about games with girth. Well, it would seem that the gold version of the game will rob you of at least 100GB of space, give or take.

So, the question on everyone’s lips right now is probably why the game takes up so much space. Well, if we take a closer look at other modern open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Witcher 3 (DLCs included), and maybe Fallout 4 with all DLCs and its high texture pack, one would figure out how making a game in which you can literally get lost in exploration and side-quests can take a toll on your device’s hard drive.

But, as you would expect, it’s still unclear whether or not the game’s first-day patch will be released alongside the game. During the same statement, Gamble said that the developers are working as fast as they can in order to release the patch on time, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to install the same patch the same day we buy the game.

As always, if you had either EA or Origin Access and preordered the game, you will be able to play it a week before everyone else. If so, don’t forget to share your Mass Effect Andromeda experience with the others.

For now, there are no more details about the upcoming title. However, we will get back to you with a full-fledged review as soon as we get our hands on the game.

Image source: Flickr

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