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Birth Control for Men Will Be Available Soon • Mirror Daily

Male contraception will be available soon if the human trials for Vasalgel will go smoothly.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Thanks to the Parsemus Foundation, a birth control for men will be available soon. The Vasalgel is injected directly into the man’s groin, thus creating a barrier that blocks sperm from entering the vagina. Human testing is programmed to begin this year.

Condoms may be a thing of the past now that the Parsemus Foundation received permission to pass to the next developmental stage, human testing. The company will start the trials on male volunteers sometimes later this year; that means that the birth control for men will be available soon.

Vasalgel is an injection that will offer men the possibility of protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancies. For the moment, the new substance was only tested on rabbits, but the results were more than satisfying, so human trials are impending.

Vasalgel works as a vasectomy, the only difference being the fact that the effects of the injection are reversible. Both the procedures that involve the injecting of Vasalgel and the substance that reverses its effects are simple and painless.

When the new substance is injected into the groin of the subject, it creates a sort of protection layer that holds the sperm. In other words, it works as a reversed condom. The only difference being that the man that opts for Vasalgel is always prepared for intercourse.

According to the full article that was published in the Clinical and Basic Andrology journal, the tests on rabbits showed that the birth control method is highly efficient. The injection offered the subjects a year’s worth of protection. And the researchers believe that Vasalgel will be even more efficient and durable when humans will use it.

A sample of twelve male adult rabbits was injected with two different types of the formula. The first batch was treated with pure SMA (“styrene maleic acid”), and the second group was injected with a mix of anhydride (20 percent) and SMA (80 percent).

Both substances proved to be efficient in combating unwanted pregnancies in bunnies. After being treated with the different Vasalgel concentrations, eleven out of the twelve tested rabbits were no longer able to produce sperm.

The last male rabbit had a small sperm count for a little longer, but then it eventually dropped to zero. But when the entire sample was injected with the antidote, seven rabbits were back to their regular sperm count in no time.

The birth control for men will be available soon if the Parsemus Foundation will be able to find financial backers for their ongoing research in the Vasalgel project.

Image source: YouTube

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