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Botox Might Be a Possible Cure for Pediatric Migraines • Mirror Daily

Botox can work fine against children’s migraines

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A recent study might have found a possible cure for severe migraines which affect children and teenagers. The cure might sound pretty unusual, but the trials showed it was quite effective. The secret lies in administering the children a Botox vaccine.

How can a Botox jab help with migraines?

Botox is an abbreviation for Botulinum toxin, a substance which can temporarily block muscles. Therefore, it might act against muscle spasms which form during migraines, and prevent them right before their occurrence.

The toxin is well-known for its use in cosmetic treatments, as people inject the toxin to enhance some of their body parts, such as the lips. However, over the past years, the toxin became widely used in other treatments as well. A previous study showed how Botox could be effective in preventing chronic migraines in people suffering an average of 15 episodes per month.

After this study was published, Botox was approved as a migraine treatment for adults. Now, researchers thought it might work for children as well, so they started a long-term study which lasted for five years. The results were positive, so the toxin might be as effective for children as it is for adults.

Botox is as effective for children as it is for adults

For the study, researchers took nine participants with ages between 8 and 17, who suffered chronic migraines. As long as the study lasted, they administered them Botox shots, and noticed no side effects. On average, they experienced between 8 and 30 migraines every month. After the injections, the numbers decreased to a range between two and 10.

This is quite a big finding, since migraines significantly affect the quality of the children’s lives. Such attacks can be extremely severe, causing the kids to miss out on school and their social life. Therefore, a cure without side effects can have a huge positive impact on their condition.
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