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boy killed by dogs •

Even though no charges were pressed, Tyler’s sister still feels responsible for the boy’s death.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the police department, there will be no charges pressed in the California dog mauling incident. The authorities established that the death of the infant was purely accidental and that his sister was not to be blamed for the violent outburst of her dogs.

Alexandria Griffin-Heady will face no charges in the case of her brother’s death. But the woman is still feeling guilty about the situation. She declared that she already made peace with the fact that she would spend some time in jail, and the woman considered she deserved any punishment thrown her way.

On the 3rd of January this year, Griffin-Heady went to work and left her nine years old brother with her three dogs. Two of the pets were put in a wire kennel; the third was left free. According to the woman, her friends and her Facebook videos, the dogs were not known to display any violent or aggressive behavior.

After spending three hours performing her security guard duties, the woman came back to her mobile home only to find Tyler, her brother, wounded and bleeding on the ground. Her first reaction was to carry the little boy to bed where she started performing CPR after calling 911.

According to the report of the first responders, when the proper authorities arrived Griffin-Heady was acting hysterically, urging the men to shoot the dogs upon arrival.

Two out of the three pit bulls had their body and facial fur covered in blood. It seems that the female was left free, and the two males were placed in the cage. Somehow one of the males escaped and proceeded to attack the little boy with the female.

But Tyler’s death is almost as tragic as his life. The child was placed in foster care after his 44 years old mother died homeless and overdosed. He then went from family to family because his father is unfit to raise a child due to a severe mental condition.

His sister moved to Florida a couple of months before her brother’s untimely death. She was planning on renting a house and adopting the child. At the moment of Tyler’s attack, they already chose a house; he even made plans on how to decorate his room.

The children’s aunt believes that Griffin-Heady was not fit to take care of her brother and that the woman should be charged with murder. The father already filed a complaint.

Image source: Wikimedia

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