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Brain Tissue and Skull Bone Discovered Inside a Teratoma • Mirror Daily

Japanese surgeons managed to remove a 10-cm teratoma from a girl’s ovaries.

A team of surgeons from Japan discovered an unusual formation while performing an emergency appendectomy on a 16 years-old girl. During the intervention, the doctors found a peculiar ovarian cyst which contained fully formed brain tissue, skull bone, and lumps of hair.

The human body never ceases to amaze us, a fact confirmed by a recent medical case. A 16-years girl from Japan was admitted to a hospital after exhibiting all the sign of acute appendicitis. After the surgeons began the operation, they have observed a strange formation on the girl’s ovaries.

Upon a closer examination, the team realized that the ovarian cyst had the aspect of a human skull. The appendectomy was successful, but the girl was still far on her road to complete recovery.

According to the doctors who performed the surgical intervention, the girl had a teratoma, a very rare and benign ovarian tumor. They’ve also explained that this happens when our bodies go haywire and start creating new life, without the presence of a sperm cell to fertilize the egg.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove the cystic formation from the girl’s ovaries before it was too late. Upon opening the tumor, the doctors found lumps of hair, underdeveloped skull bones, and a tiny cerebellum.

Baffling enough, even though the cystic tumor measured 10 centimeters in diameter, the girl was asymptomatic. The surgeons have predicted a complete recovery in the girl’s case.

As we’ve come to understand it, this is not the first odd teratoma case to be diagnosed and treated in Japan. Several years ago, a team of surgeons from Japan had to perform emergency surgery on a 25-years old woman who had a similar ovarian formation.

The case file states that, upon performing the surgical intervention, the doctors managed to extract a structure which resembled a doll. Oddly enough, the doll-like structure had a fully-functional spinal cord, spinal nerves, a brain, blood vessels, one eye, a clearly-defined jaw, one ear, and its eyes even had lashes.

Although a teratoma is a benign tumor, it can lead to all manner of complications, one of them being the Anti-NDMA-receptor encephalitis. This condition has severe psychiatric ramifications, including the presence of auditory and visual hallucinations.

However, the patient will be able to make a full recovery after the teratoma is surgically removed, and the encephalitis treated using a medication combo.

Image source: Wikipedia

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