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Brazilian MMA Fighter Wins Title While 12 Weeks Pregnant • Mirror Daily

Kinberly Novaes and her child are in a good condition, medical experts have reassured.

Based on the recent press releases, Brazilian MMA fighter wins title while 12 weeks pregnant. Kinberly Novaes had no idea she was pregnant as her medical reports did not indicate it in any way, but a deeper investigation revealed she was expecting a baby.

MMA fighter usually have to train hard and constantly keep a close eye on their physical condition, so their body mass index would not suffer any unwanted modification. This explains Kinberly Novaes’ desperation when, in spite of all the physical efforts she was making, she could not lose weight and get ready for her following game.

Additional tests, however, gave her unexpected news. Doctors performed a morphology ultrasound and noticed that the MMA Brazilian fighter was 24 week (six months) pregnant. Further tests have revealed that the both the mother and the fetus are in a perfect condition, so the champion woman has no reasons to worry.

According to her official declaration, the woman was afraid because her last competition was 12 weeks before when Novaes defeated Renata Baldan. At that period of time, the woman had no idea she was pregnant, so she trained very hard and she kept severe diets in order to dehydrate. Fortunately, the pregnancy went on well. So well that the woman was not even aware of it, we might add.

This week, the Brazilian champion was preparing for her last game against Jocelyn Lybarger, which has been programmed for August 21. The stomach problems that the woman has had have constrained medical experts to take her to the hospital where she found out that she was 24 weeks pregnant. The game has been cancelled and it remains to be seen when Novaes will resume her fighting activity.

The MMA fighter has further stated that she was initially very sad when she found out the news and even started to cry. However, she soon realized that the news was great because she will be having a baby.

The owner Bruno Barros told the press that he is responsible for the entire situation. He asked his fighters to take HIV tests, but did not insist they followed the routine; hence, Novaes’ undiscovered pregnancy. He was glad, too, that the woman and her child are safe.

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