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Breast cancer awareness initiative continues.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Breast cancer represents one of leading sources of health problems among women throughout the United States. That is why New York’s latest initiative has caught the attention of many people, as Governor Andrew Cuomo and Food Network star Sandra Lee are the public image of a New York motorcycle tour which aims to raise awareness regarding the growing concern of breast cancer.

Around 200 participants decided to take part of this ride from Utica to Buffalo. The first stop was in Victor at FLCC where an inspirational speech was held by Joe Morelle, Assembly Majority Leader whose daughter currently fights with cancer.

Another ride was organized earlier this year in May from Long Island to New Paltz. Another purpose of this breast cancer awareness event is to celebrate and promote a new regulation which requires hospitals to remove insurance costs for mammograms and to extend the hours for this medical procedure.

An interesting fact about mammograms is that scientists trained pigeons to detect tumors during this process, making these birds a valuable asset in the early detection of breast cancer.

Thanks to this new law, over 200 hospitals will have to provide patients with weekend and evening hours for mammograms. Also, the procedure will no longer imply copays and deductibles usually charged by insurance companies.

According to Cuomo, around 40 percent of women suffering from breast cancer or who are most likely to develop it cannot afford a mammogram, which is vital for the early detection of breast cancer. An early diagnosis means that people will have fewer expenses as they will benefit from medical assistance as soon as possible to tackle the disease.

An impressive sum of $22.7 million out of $24 million granted by the government will be used to provide people with transportation safety throughout the New York state.

A recent study about breast cancer survivors has found that chemotherapy is related to memory loss issues. Also, these women are usually stressed, frightened, fatigued, and they a have a low self-confidence.

All these facts contribute to higher chances of memory issues. But physical exercises and an excellent diet proved to be highly effective, according to the latest research.

Breast cancer survivors who rely on a moderate to vigorous physical activity combined with healthy eating turned out to be less stressed, and they had more self-confidence. In other words, their life quality significantly improved thanks to those healthy changes.

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