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Bulletstorm Remastered Features Duke Nukem • Mirror Daily

Bulletstorm Remastered will debut on the 7th of April, 2017.

Remember Bulletstorm, the 2011 installment which made Call of Duty look like a walk in the park? The game’s developer and Gearbox have just announced that the remastered version of the game will be launched on the 7th in April 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Bulletstorm Remastered will feature a high-resolution textures pack, enhanced audio experience, and will come along with several Bulletstorm DLCs. In addition, Gearbox said that the remastered game will have a smoother frame rate and will support 4k resolutions.

For the uninitiated, Bulletstorm is like Carmageddon, minus the wacky wheels and big-headed pedestrians. This game doesn’t care too much about mind-bending stories or tear-jerking plot twists – it’s all about rampage, wanton destruction, and killing your opponents in the most unusual, twisted, and gruesome ways.

Make no mistake, Bulletstorm is all about violence, and the more violent and bloodthirsty you are, the easier it is to take down your opponents and to reach the game’s conclusion. As for the plot, it’s very straightforward, if not dull.

You’re Grayson Hunt, a quirky black ops operative, with an itchy trigger finger. Marooned on an unknown planet, Hunt must battle his way through hordes of hellish mutants, aided by Tryshka and Ishi.

As we’ve said, the game does not have an impressive plot, but then again, we’re not playing Bulletstorm for its story, but for the mindless killing. So, each time you kill an enemy, you’ll earn points based on your ‘artistic performance’.

For example, shooting a mutant in the head will not bring you that many points, but if you roundhouse kick him in the head and send him straight into a wall of sharp spikes, your combo counter will go through the roof.

So, the more point you earn, the more abilities you’ll be able to unlock. Thanks to Gearbox’s initiative of remastering this game, you’ll be able to play it in ultra HD.

Furthermore, Gearbox has other surprises in stock for us. Apart from the remastered game, we’ll also be able to access the Overkill option. In addition, six new maps have been included in echo mode.

Now, the highlight of Gearbox’s announcement is, without a doubt, the Duke Nukem skin. After pre-ordering the game, players will be able to play the game using Duke Nukem instead of Grayson Hunt. Happy hunting, guys!

Image source: YouTube

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