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Destiny 2 launch is set for 2017 and the massive expansion pack for Destiny will be available soon.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Finally, the few million Destiny fans have received the news they have been waiting for over a year. Activision officially declared that the Destiny 2 launch is set for 2017. But fans will not have to wait until next year for new playable content because this year they announced the release of a massive expansion pack.

Activision and game developer Bungie will join forces once again in order to make the Destiny sequel a real thing. And although the fans were expecting the sequel to come out this year, it seems that their expectations will not be disappointed. The two companies have prepared a giant expansion pack that will be released later this year. They hope that the expansion will keep the players satisfied until the sequel is ready in 2017.

Destiny enthusiasts were growing impatient with the lack of new content because the developing companies did not release anything remotely major since the 15th of September last year. And according to the latest rumors that proved to be false, Bungie and Activision were planning on focusing on microtransactions that were meant to support the live events. These micro transactions were supposed to feature racing minigames.

But the rumors turned out to be false and the Destiny 2 launch is set for 2017. Until then fans will delight themselves with the expansion pack that will be made available later this year.

The inspiration for the science fiction online multiplayer shooter was taken from a number of games, but from the point of view of players’ interactivity, it has drawn a lot of inspiration from the epic MMORPG WoW. But Blizzard’s massive online game was better designed when it comes to purchasable content.

While Destiny only released new items, quests, characters and places from time to time, leaving the players to familiarize much too well with the existing surroundings, WoW comes with in-game purchasable items (that can be bought with real money, not coins) and a monthly subscription. That allows the developers to not constantly worry about the game not being able to support itself.

Alongside Destiny, Bungie was behind the blockbuster saga Call of Duty. But the military shooter game benefited of a new sequel every year. And so did Skylanders, which is another Bungie baby. So why did Destiny had to be different?

The good news is that the Destiny 2 launch is set for 2017 and a massive expansion pack for the first part is on its way.

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