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Call Sheldon Cooper, We Might Have Found His Alternate Worlds • Mirror Daily

Sheldon would be really excited about the find

(Mirror Daily, United States) – No, it’s not a Bazinga! moment.  An astrophysicist claims he might have discovered some evidence, so call Sheldon Cooper, we might have found his alternate worlds.

As we all know, or as the people who watch The Big Bang Theory know, Sheldon subscribes to the multi-verse theory and, not only that, but according to his calculations, in one of the parallel universes, he is a clown made of candy. Sadly enough, as he himself says, he’s not dancing in any of them.

Up until now, the multi-verse theory has been just…well, just a theory. Meaning it has never been proven. It is also called String Theory and M-Theory. And it basically says that our universe is actually a multiverse, where an infinite number of possible universes exist. Together, they make up the whole universe coordinates: the whole of space, the whole of time, matter and energy. The different universes it comprises are called “parallel universes” or “alternate universes”.

Evidently, it has never been proven, although extensive research has been made and despite the fact that the best part of the world’s scientists believe it is in fact correct. Simply no evidence has yet been found to sustain it.

Until now, that is, when astrophysicist Ranga-Ram Chary discovered what he referred to as a mysterious glow. He is a researcher at the European Space Agency’s Planck Space Telescope Data Center at CalTech (which makes me believe he is actually Raj in disguise). He has boldly stated that the glow we can see might be due to matter leaking from another universe into ours.

Upon analyzing the cosmic microwave background fluctuations or, otherwise, the relics left behind after the Big Bang, scientists have been able to determine that our Universe may very well be just a region in an forever expanding super-region. Kind of like a stone inside an ever inflating balloon. Other such regions besides our own might exist, just like other stones might exist inside the balloon. Each of those regions would be governed by its own rules and parameters, most probably different than ours.

So we have different types of stones in the balloon. It also possible that they collide at some point or interfere with each other. If that should happen, of course it would leave traces, which the scientists call “signatures of anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background”. Although the theory exists and is embraced, such traces have yet to be seen.

But our scientist says this is exactly what he has found now, in the shape of the mentioned glow. If this is true or not, that, of course, remains to be seen. However, needless to mention, the proof that string theory is correct would represent, probably, the discovery of the century and a turning point in our history.

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