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Cancer Suvivors Day was a blast.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Cancer Survivors Day was a real success this Sunday in Centegra’s Sage Cancer Center where around 400 people gathered to celebrate life.

According to Terrence Bugno, radiation oncologist, it is crucial to learn how to celebrate every day of our lives. Bugno and many other nurses and doctors put aside their scrubs and suits and decided to treat the spirits of patients.

Furthermore, the target of this event was not about the label of cancer survivor but the survivors themselves and about every part of the community that wants to have the correct perspective about the cancer experience.

One of these survivors is Stacey Monsen (thyroid cancer survivor). She confessed after attending the event that having people around you and communicating with them is the most important thing. Stacey is only 23 years old, and she has been in remission for five years, so she decided to come back to Centegra to bond with others in remission and with the nursing staff.

While speaking, she was coloring a paper butterfly which is one of the therapeutic activities during the event. The bushes of the hospital’s garden will be decorated with these butterflies that will serve as a way to encourage those seeking inspiration and understanding.

According to Mary Schneider, one of the event organizers and a nurse, the primary goal of the Cancer Survivors Day is to make people understand that they are not alone. There is always hope, even if not in the physical treatment itself. People feel happier when they have someone to support and talk to them.

When Marianna Wolfmeyer, oncology counselor, and Schneider started organizing Centegra’s celebration, it was quite modest, with around 70 guests, staff included. This year’s event proves how people started to become more interested in bringing their contribution to the Cancer Survivors Day.

Nowadays, the entire oncology department is part of the event. Treatment cancer center is complex including dietitian care, financial counseling, spiritual support, counseling, infusion medications, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Schneider underlined that their target was to touch the participants’ minds and spirits as well. The Cancer Survivors Day included many activities, such as taking silly photos in a photo booth, making plant stakes, planting flowers, massage therapy, and free food.

This event will continue inspiring everyone in the fight to tackle cancer worldwide.

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