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“Cannabis as Medicine” was Announced by Germany • Mirror Daily

The German “Cannabis as Medicine” Bill will legalize the medical use of marijuana and cannabis.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The medical Bill that is seeking to legalize medical cannabis use, “Cannabis as Medicine” was announced by Germany. This decision was taken after several German patients were caught getting their medical marijuana from the neighboring countries.

The German government refused to consider legalizing medical use of cannabis or marijuana because it felt that the German people are not ready for such a step. It seems that late events have made the members of the government be more open to the idea of the plant being used for therapeutic purposes.

Patients who were prescribed medical marijuana by their physicians were obligated to ask the government for an “exemption license” that allowed them to import the necessary medication from their neighbor, the Netherlands.

But the medical Bill “Cannabis as Medicine” was announced by Germany and, after it will be voted, it will make the life of glaucoma and cancer patients much easier. Basically, the act will allow cannabis to be cultivated on German soil. Only for medical purposes, of course. But that will be a huge step forward for the patients that need it, the costs of purchasing being significantly reduced by local cultivation.

According to the “Cannabis as Medicine” draft that was made available to the public, the program requires the creation of a company which will have the purpose of monitoring all the activity surrounding marijuana.

The company will give farming licenses to those who wish to grow medical marijuana on their land, and also make sure that the plant will be made available in drug stores and medical offices. There is a special instance provided in the Bill that dictates that the cost of the marijuana treatment will be covered by the patient’s medical insurance.

For the moment, the program will allow access to the alternative medicine for those who suffer from ADHD and the terminally ill. There are many studies on the market that support the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of terminally ill patients in favor of morphine.

The basic point of the “Cannabis as Medicine” Bill are, apart from the restrictive use by patients who are a part of only two groups of patients, a controlled amount of 100 grams of medicine per patient per month and a government controlled cultivation environment.

The Bill that is meant to legalize the medical use of marijuana, “Cannabis as Medicine” was announced by Germany and it will soon be voted into existence.

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