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Capcom Started Punishing Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters • Mirror Daily

Capcom values true sportsmanlike players and punishes those who try to bypass the system.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Ever been tempted to abandon a match before it ended just to keep your League Points intact? The thought of losing a game is so devastating that you prefer to be that kind of person that disconnects before the winner gets his credits? If you answered yes, then think again because Capcom started punishing Street Fighter 5 rage quitters.

Last week Capcom was urging players to report any opponents who acted in an unsportsmanlike manner that they encountered while playing the fifth installment of the Street Fighter franchise. And by unsportsmanlike behavior the company meant those players that want to keep their League Points intact so when they are faced with an imminent loss, they disconnect from the game.

It may be that their prayers were answered because last week Capcom started punishing Street Fighter 5 rage quitters. And the price of being a sore loser is a bit steep. According to the developing company, offenders will be punished by having their score either erased or severely diminished.

So if you’re among those thirty people who woke up and found their League Points considerably reduced, you better think twice from now on before voluntarily disconnecting from a game that you were apparently losing.

Not to mention the fact that Capcom declared that offenders will be carefully monitored in case they don’t decide to clean up their act.

And if you’re trying to find a loophole out and blame your constant disconnections on a faulty internet connection or gaming platform, don’t bother. The game developing company already has a protocol in place when it comes to swooping accounts and picking the offenders.

Only the players that have impeccable, or nearly perfect League Points and an above 80 disconnect rate will be punished. So if you really do have an unreliable internet connection, then you probably don’t have a perfect score. And you’re game didn’t disconnect only when you were losing matches.

According to its official declaration, Capcom started punishing Street Fighter 5 rage quitters, and they are currently sweeping through accounts searching for more sore losers. But they also stated that they are only trying to punish the worst offenders, so if you disconnected a few times, you’re ok. Just make sure you avoid the practice in the future.

The reason for these severe punishments that the gaming company is applying to some of its players is that they want all the gamers to enjoy a pleasant, civil arcade game. This means that winners should not be robbed of their victory and losers should learn to deal with the fact that arcade games promise a 50-50 chance of winning.

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