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ConocoPhillips has become more impressive in its third quarter outing after its decision to sell out units from its Nigeria base. The total increase that the company has experienced so far is equivalent to $71.32. This is already .8 percent of their total records.

This is also despite the plummeting of the prices of oil. Recently, the industry experienced a 20 percent melt down in the prices. This affects the trade because of the more expensive stocks that they have on hand. They will have to deal with the losses that will accrue in case the old expensive stock will be sold at a lower price.

The company is also expected to lose by $700 million dollars this year. They are projected to use up as much as $16 billion. The huge difference was recorded in the same time last year.

The reason for their cut portfolios is their new investments in relatively the same field. They have been looking at equipment and units for shale drilling. This is located in Southern Texas, in Eagle Ford exactly.

There is still a lot of chances under the pockets of this company. They have already predicted their numbers to go up come 2015. The only identifying circumstance right now would be the players around and the prices.

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