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Catholic Students Chanted Anti-Semitic Taunts during a Basketball Game • Mirror Daily

People still demonstrate anti-Semitic behavior when they interact with persons of the Jewish-faith.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It’s one thing to cheer for your team, but a whole different thing to attack the faith of the opposing one. But it seems that even today when tolerance is preached in every school, and every religion, incidents like this happen. Only last week a group of Catholic students chanted anti-Semitic taunts during a basketball game.

The Newton North high school hosted a basketball match between its team and the one from Catholic Memorial. And things started to go wild not on the court, but on the bleachers. As the teams were warming up and preparing for the game, the hosts asked the visitors where they left their girls.

This was meant to be a taunt, seeing as Catholic Memorial is a school for boys. But instead of turning the other cheek, or ignoring the Newton North crowd, the response shocked the entire attendance.

The Catholic Memorial crowd started shouting in unison “You killed Jesus.” Approximately 75 young boys were shouting the anti-Semitic chant, and the rest of the people present in the audience went completely silent in shock and awe.

Naturally, the principals of both schools immediately responded and urged both sides to bring the chants and taunts to a halt. But the damage was already done.

One student, who preferred to keep his anonymity, declared that the way in which the Catholic Memorial boys were chanting in unison seemed like something pre-planned rather than a spur of the moment reaction to being called a “sausage fest” by the Newton North attendees.

According to the superintendent at the Newton North, David Fleishman, he arrived at the high-school after the incident took place. Upon entering the institution, he was approached by terribly upset parents that were shaken by the words they heard from the Catholic Memorial crowd.

Fleishman considered that the events had to be reported to the “Anti-Defamation League.”  The Newton attendees will extensively discuss the repercussions of their actions on Monday. The president of the high-school promised to attend personally to the situation and end the “abhorrent behavior” demonstrated by his students.

After the management of both high schools put a stop to the disturbing chants, the boys at Catholic Memorial were obligated to apologize individually to the principal of Newton North and shake his hand.

Catholic students chanted anti-Semitic taunts during a basketball game, and all they had to do was apologize. Most of the Jewish-faith parents that were present at the events think that the punishment should be much more severe because they insulted their entire belief system.

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