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Cavities May Be Prevented With a Probiotic Pill • Mirror Daily

Cavities occur when the acidity level of the mouth rises.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Bad news for the germophobes, it seems that cavities may be prevented with a probiotic pill. The doctors discovered that there is a type of bacteria that can help people protect their teeth from being affected by cavities.

Probiotics are a type of yeast and bacteria that harmoniously co-exist within our bodies. Until now, doctors believed that the only healthy bacteria lives in our stomach, but it seems that our mouth is also protected and guarded by the healthy type of germs.

Researchers from the Florida University discovered that a probiotic pill will someday do wonders for our oral hygiene. It seems that one of the many bacteria that resides in people’s mouths can control the functions of other germs that destroy the teeth.

Harmful bacteria form clumps on the teeth. These accumulations are responsible for the plaque. The plaques usually form a sort of acid that decomposes the surface of the teeth. And the human body must maintain a neutral pH level, or else cavities are formed.

But previous findings showed that arginine and urea are broken down to form ammonia, a sort of acid neutralizer. And according to the researchers, no two mouths are alike. So there are people who are better are producing ammonia than others. But those who do usually have healthier teeth.

In order to see if they can pinpoint the specific bacteria that helps in the teeth preservation process, the scientists took plaque samples and isolated roughly 2000 bacteria that reside in a person’s mouth.

Afterwards, all of them were tested in order to find the one capable of metabolizing arginine. They found it and named it A12.

But the researchers are far from being over, and people may have to wait a few more years before being able to take a pill and stop worrying about cavities every time they eat an ice-cream.

Before a medicine can be developed, the scientists must first conduct trials in order to be sure that the presence of the A12 bacteria is indeed linked to a significant decrease in the number of cavities.

Furthermore, they must determine whether or not A12 interacts with other types of bacteria, or other parts of the human body.

Only after they are sure that an A12 supplement will do the trick when it comes to dental care, will the researchers develop the medicine. But cavities may be prevented with a probiotic pill, and leaving science aside for a moment; that means that people will be able to avoid the horrific dentist chair more often.

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