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CDC Publishes Map Showing Death Causes Across the United States • Mirror Daily

One of the leading health institutes in the United States, CDC publishes map showing death causes across the United States on early Monday morning. The endeavor was carried through in order to help inhabitants identify the risk they may subject themselves to by simply living in a given U.S. region.

U.S. inhabitants who might consider relocating somewhere else should take into account the health threats that the area also poses. This is at least the conclusion that scientists at the Center for Disease and Control Prevention have reached after creating a map of the major disease causes across the United States.

Based on their recent findings, people who live in a given geographical area are more prone to develop certain medical affections due to the conditions they are living in. Although the major two diseases affecting people in the United States of America are currently heart illnesses and cancer, several health problems appear to be particularly determined by the area in which people live.

The study was carried out among all 50 States and it involved the research of the public data published between 2001 and 2010. Medical statistics registered within the given period of time, were carefully analyzed by Dr. Francis P. Boscoe and Eva Pradhan at CDC in order to identify possible patterns.

The list that was studied by Boscoe and Pradhan contained 133 disease causes that were officially declared by medical institutions in America between 2001 and 2010. Scientists further tried to determine whether the causes that appear to repeat themselves within a given region have something to do with existing factors therein.

They have, thus, discovered that the most common diseases in America are common flu, cancer, respiratory problems and HIV. Despite the many efforts that are being made to prevent HIV from spreading, figures show this disease is still affecting many Americans, regardless of the region they are living in. Syphilis is another affection that medical scientists are trying to break off with as figures continue to be alarming.

According to CDC’s new disease mapping, northern states like Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming have frequent deaths caused by flu, whereas deaths caused by plane crashes and boat accidents are more common in Alaska and Idaho.

Scientists have explained that these two patterns are somehow justified. In their opinion, the low temperatures that are specific for the northern regions cause people to catch fatal flus more often. On the other hand, states that are only accessed by plane or boat are more likely to register such death causes.

Further studies have revealed that states with an intense nightlife, such as, Florida and California have registered higher HIV-related deaths. Additional efforts might be carried out in the future to reduce HIV incidents in these states.

The research has also helped medical experts identify the states that require an improvement in the medical system. According to their findings, southern states regularly register deaths related to an improper medical intervention. Boscoe and Pradhan recommend leaders to take their recent finding into account in the preparation of new medical reforms.
Image Source: CDC

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