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childen are more vulnerable to contract influenza •

Individuals who suffer from the flu do not show any symptoms in the first 24 hours.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – What first seemed like a year with mild flu cases, turned out to be just a late epidemic, just waiting for the right moment. The increased number of influenza cases reduced hospital visitors numbers, the institution only allowing close family members to visit the patients. The reason the doctors are getting worried is that the flu is no longer affecting only the weak.

Up until the last two weeks, the only influenza cases that doctors saw were either children, the elderly or individuals with a weak immune system. But now the number of flu cases has spiked, and everybody is exposed to the virus.

Doctors are recommending those who did not receive a vaccine to consider taking the shot. Also, they are urging the people to wash their hands frequently and stay at home or, at least, wear a mask if they experience any flu-like symptoms.

The increased number of influenza cases reduced hospital visitors numbers to a minimum because the health institutions are the best environment where people can transmit or get the virus.

Only visitors older than 18, adults that do not show any signs of coming down with the flu, and generally the people who are necessary for the mental well-being of the patients are allowed to visit their hospitalized loved ones. And during their stay in the health institution, they are obliged to wear masks.

The physicians are thus trying to protect children who often come to visit their grandparents. Also, because the flu does not manifest itself in the first twenty-four hours, but the infected person is contagious, there are a lot of children who want to visit their older family members in the hospital, but end up spreading the virus.

Children are considered the highest contagion risk, so their presence is banned from hospital premises, at least while the influenza cases are still growing in numbers. Of course, the limitation is only set for visitations. If a child experiences any flulike symptoms, then you must take him or her to the nearest emergency room.

Predicting and tracking the influenza is a difficult, if not impossible task. Since the virus prefers cold temperatures, it may be that this year’s spike occurred later in the season because of the mild temperatures that some parts of the US experienced.

The influenza season usually starts in December and ends in May.

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